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The Kunthipuzha River, Kerala

The Kunthipuzha River, Kerala

The Kunthipuzha River is a waterway located in the state of Kerala, India. It flows through the Silent Valley National Park, and is a influent of the river Thuthapuzha, which is in turn one of the main tributaries of the Bharathapuzha River,( 1) the second-longest river in Kerala. This river is substantially used by the people of Mannarkkad taluk of Palakkad district.

This river is known for the story of bathing of Kunthi devi, the mother of pandavas and so it’s named as Kunthippuzha. Another hypothesis is that Kunthippuzha is the abbreviated form of” Kunthirikkappuzha”( Malayalam കുന്തിരിക്കപ്പുഴ).” Kunthirikkam” is the Malayalam word for Boswellia serrata which is a kind of frankincense tree seen in this region.

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