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Around City

Pondicherry also known as Puducherry, still maintains the French flavor in terms of appearance and feel has long beautiful beaches. The best places to visit in Pondicherry are Arabhindho Ashram, Auroville,, Museum, Manakula Vinayakar Temple and Panchavadi Temple. A few budget hotels in Pondicherry city along with a few beach resorts in the sea shores makes this an exciting place to visit for all sector of people.

The major attractions in Pondicherry are its long beaches and beaches such as Paradise Beach, Promenade Beach, Auroville Beach, Serenity Beach and Veerampattinam Beach makes the city as one of the exciting places in the country. A few of these beaches offers nice boating experience and restaurants around the beaches makes this city as a major tourist spot in South India.

The temples in and around Pondy such as Manakula Vinayakar Temple and Panchavadi Temple are popular tourist spots. The tourist places in and around Pondy are Cuddalore and Chidambaram. The Natarajar Temple and Mangrove Forest in Pitchavaram are exciting places in Chidambaram to visit and enjoy.
From Chennai, Pondicherry is well connected by East Coast Road also known as ECR. A bike trip in ECR to Pondicherry is favorite among bikers community and car trip to Pondy via ECR are major attractions in ECR.

Main Attractions


Pondicherry, earlier a union territory is now also known as Puducherry is a small state situated in shores of Bay of Bengal. Affectionately called as Pondy, it is one of the French colony before independence. The tradition, culture, language, food, climate, etc., are similar to Tamil Nadu with a difference of French feel in the buildings, houses and streets which are best places to visit in Pondy and spend quality time with family and friends.

Best time to visit

The major attractions of Pondicherry are doesn’t dependent on any particular season or climate and the best time to visit is between September to March. The city is usually a bit hot and beaches in Pondicherry makes it cool thus makes ideal to travel during any period. The beach resorts in the shores of sea and best hotels in and around the Pondicherry makes this city as one of the major tourist spot.

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