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Our Vision

When someone thinks of tourist place it brings excitement and travel provides lot of experience to the travelers. This involves meticulous planning such as identification of major tourist spot, budget, transport, best places to stay, food, etc.,

Vigeetha Web Solutions is based out in Chennai comes up with a novel idea of providing and guiding travelers with information such as major tourist spots, best resorts to stay, budget hotels with decent facilities and security, attractive places to visit and hang around, major attractions in that particular destination, past experiences and reviews from travelers, adventurous car and bike trip made as part of touring activities through onepointinfo.com.

Travelers should be facilitated with required information through variety of electronic gadgets such as laptops, desktops, notebooks, tabs and mobile phones.

Our Solution

onepointinfo.com provides the necessary information for the travelers to make their tour a memorable one. A traveler could find required details about best hotels and resorts wherein they can directly communicate to find facilities and further extend their requirements within budgets along with proper plan to visit nearby tourist places.

Further travelers can also view the reviews and feedback provided by other travelers about budget hotels and best resorts they stayed, best places to visit, popular tourist spots, exciting places visited and major attractions availability.

onepointinfo.com is an interactive site where travelers can share their own experiences about best hotels and beach resorts, tourist places visited, major attractions enjoyed along with nice pictures. A special link also provided to travelers to share their car trip and bike trip they made and adventures such as biking, trekking and cycling experience along with exciting pictures.

The users can also find like-minded people with whom they can interact separately. Overall this is a single point window to get maximum information about best places to visit, availability of budget hotels in major tourist destinations, tourist places in particular location and best resorts with major attractions.