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Best and Most Popular Dams in Kerala

Best and Most Popular Dams in Kerala

While many individuals actually have barely any insight into Hydel The travel industry, Kerala is caught up with advancing this type of the travel industry. The state is blessed with beautiful lakes and approximately 44 rivers that flow through its landscape. A total of 33 dams and reservoirs have been built on various rivers. These dams assist in gathering with watering, appropriating water equally, delivering power and other things like this. The dams, in addition to the usual features, are beautiful to look at. Some of Kerala’s most popular dams are listed below.

Dams in Kerala to see how they aid Hydel Tourism’s promotion of Kerala Tourism. From tourism to the state’s economy; These dams have played a significant role in the state’s history. Their overflow of magnificence and convenience must be perceived by visiting them face to face. The state of Kerala is blessed with more than forty rivers and lakes. to make use of the force of moving water; Kerala has shrewdly built Dams over large numbers of its streams to water the fields, create power, and foster places of interest.

1 Malampuzha Dam

Malampuzha Dam

This is one of Kerala’s largest reservoirs, and it is located 10 kilometers from Palakkad. The Western Ghats surround it; This dam combines an earthen dam with a height of 220 meters and a stonework dam with a length of 1849 meters. The Malampuzha Dam spans the Malampuzha River and is 108 meters high. The dam fraternity itself has a rock garden, ropeway, amusement park, and boating for you to enjoy. Additionally, go to the nearby Fantasy Park, Yakshi Garden, and Japanese Garden. The best time to visit this dam is from April to August.


2 Idukki Dam

Idukki dam

To provide assistance to the 782 MW hydroelectric power plant; The Kerala State Electricity Board constructed this dam with a height of 168.91 meters. The dam is situated in the middle of Kuravanmala (839 meters) and Kurathimala (925 meters), two mountains. It was built along the Periyar River. In addition, irrigation in the Muvattupuzha Valley is facilitated by the dam’s power generation. At Cheruthoni and Kulamavu, this dam was constructed in conjunction with two other dams. Together, the three dams have created a 60 km2 artificial lake. During your Kerala tour, please bring your camera so that you can capture the natural beauty of the nearby Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

3 Mullaperiyar Dam

Mullaperiyar Dam

The dam is based on Periyar Stream in 1895 by Madras State, presently Tamil Nadu. One of the oldest dams in the world, this one has a length of 365.7 meters and a height of 53.6 meters. Gravity dam made of masonry is it. It is situated on the Cardamom Slopes of the Western Ghats and one of the most amazing spots to visit in Thekkady. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are at odds over the dam. The legitimacy and impartiality of the lease agreement, as well as the dam’s control and protection, have been points of contention between the states.

4 Neyyar Dam – Popular picnic spot in Trivandrum

Neyyar Dam

On the Neyyar River, it is a gravity dam and one of Trivandrum’s best attractions. 294 meters long and 56 meters high; Nearly 30 kilometers from Trivandrum, this dam is at the foot of the Western Ghats. The Neyyar Dam is close to the peak of Agasthya Kooodam. Speed boats are accessible on lease for Rs. 250 rupees per person to view the nearby woodlands. Other than you can likewise select Yoga courses and practice reflection in the peaceful Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram here.

5 Thenmala Dam

Thenmala Dam

Kollam and Thenmala Dam are separated by 68 kilometers here. situated near the Western Ghats’ base. It preserves the true colors of nature in a stunning ecological location. Biodiversity, culture, and breathtaking scenery are the hallmarks of this picturesque region.

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