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Travel safe -Importance of travel insurance-

Travel safe -Importance of travel insurance-

Traveling is an investment that we must protect against any unforeseen event, especially in high seasons when the flow of people increases.

Going on vacation implies an investment. For travelers of any type, be it couples, solo travelers or families, between the purchase of plane or truck tickets, accommodation, meals, tours, etc. you can invest a lot of money. Travel is a personal investment, and as such it must be protected.

In Mexico, those who take out travel insurance the most are lonely travelers. This makes sense; Well, you do not have a companion or a backup in the place where you go, and it is an alternative to be calm and feel support. However, people who travel alone tend to look for cheaper options such as getting around in trucks, eating cheaply and staying in inexpensive options. Statistically, in Mexico the one who contracts the least travel insurance or protection is a family, being those who invest considerably more.

A travel insurance or protection can include everything from delay and loss of luggage, which are quite common coverage, to reimbursement of the entire trip if you had an accident and cannot go, or the rest of your trip if it is interrupted for any reason contemplated in coverage.

In terms of understanding what is purchased, it is important to see when it is assistance provided at the moment (which is usually for medical issues) or when it will be for reimbursement. If you have a luggage delay,

In some cases such as the European community or the United States, travel insurance offers an additional benefit as it makes it easier for you to enter the country. Having travel insurance that matches the date of your roundtrip tickets, gives that country the peace of mind that you are not looking to stay, so entry will always be easier and less questioned.

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