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Temples in Tamil Nadu

Temples in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is famous for Temples. Here is the list of temples in TamilNadu. Have a great spiritual experience with the most popular temples in TamilNadu that tells the story of their glorious history, brilliant designs

1 Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple

Meenakshi Amman Temple, is one of the greatest and most well known temples in TamilNadu. This temple is viewed as a design wonder. The holy pond (Potramarai Kulam) inside the temple is visited before entering the temple. The view of the temple is radiant from the lake premises with towers raised on all sides. The Thousand Pillar Hall contains 985 (rather than 1000) cut columns.

2 Brihadeeswara Temple

Brihadeeswarar temple also called as Big temple is the prime attraction of Thanjavur. Brihadeeswarar temple was worked in the mid eleventh century by Rajaraja Chola I. The temples in Tamilnadu is worked in Dravidian style of engineering in rock. The 70 m high ‘Vimana’ of the temple is worked in such a building exactness, that its shadow never falls outside itself. This temple additionally has an enormous symbol of Nandi, the mount of Lord Shiva.It is one of the famous temples in Tamil Nadu

3 Sri Rangam

Srirangam is simply the first of the eight showed holy places (Swayam Vyakta Kshetras) of Lord Vishnu. It is likewise viewed as the primary, premier and the most vital of the 108 major Vishnu Temples (Divyadesams). This temples in Tamilnadu is otherwise called Thiruvaranga Tirupati, Periyakoil, Bhoologa Vaikundam, Bhogamandabam. This temple lies on an islet framed by the twin rivers Cauvery and Kollidam.

4 Rameshwaram Temple

One of the twelve Jyotirlinga Temples, the temple of Ramanathaswamy is a structural perfection. This is comprises a noteworthy piece of the prevalent profound the travel industry goals in India. The real temple is accepted to have been worked by Lord Rama himself. Today’s, this sanctuary houses the longest sanctuary passageway on the planet, which is 197 meters in length and 133 meters expansive and remains with 1200 gigantic rock sections.

5 Gangaikonda Cholapuram

A place which is declaration to the compositional and designing virtuoso of the locale and the pride of one of the best realms of India – Chola Empire. Gangaikonda Cholapuram was the capital city of the Chola Empire for over two centuries. The gloriousness of the Brihadishwara temple alongside few others will captivate you and excite you with its history and designing.

6 Malaikottai (Rock Fort)

The Rock Fort Ganapathi Temple otherwise called the Uchipillaiyar Koil is arranged at a 83 m tall shake. This stone is said to be the most established shake on the planet going back to 3800 million years. This temples of Tamilnadu is a mix of the two celebrated Hindu Temples of the seventh century that were given to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. One can reach this temple by climbing about 344 steps.

7 Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

This temple is situated in Samayapuram close Tiruchirappalli – Chennai highways. The main god, Samayapurathal is made of sand and mud. The “abishekam” is done to the little stone statue before it. It is trusted that the Goddess has gigantic controls over restoring sicknesses. It is a custom to purchase little metallic imitations, made with silver, of different body parts that should be relieved, and these are stored in the gift box.

8 Tiruchendur

Tiruchendur Temple is viewed as 5 centuries old sanctuary and is a standout amongst the most visited temples in Tamilnadu. The temple is close to a beach so pilgrims take bath before they enter the temple premises. Amid celebrations Tiruchendur is swarmed however admirers from everywhere throughout the world come to look for favors that being said. The best time to visit this lovely place is amid winters where the climate is getting it done. This is an unquestionable requirement visit place for all God sweethearts.

8 Marudhamalai Murugan Temple

Arranged on a slope, in the midst of peaceful environment, Arulmigu Maruthamalai Murugan is one of the acclaimed sanctuaries in Coimbatore. This sanctuary is of extraordinary hugeness to the wedded couples who confront issues in bringing forth a tyke. It is said that such couples can be honored with kids simply in the wake of loving Lord Maruthamalai Muruga.

10 Swamimalai

Situated in Thanjavur, the Swami Malai temple has extraordinary religious noteworthiness in the Hindu people group of south India. It is one of the Arupadaiveedu, the six principle dwelling places Murugan, every one of which denotes the six unique periods of his life. The temple remains on the ground where Lord Murugan is accepted to have passed on significant learning of the universe to his own dad Lord Shiva as his Guru.

11 Namakkal Anjeneyar Temple

Namakkal Anjaneyar temple is situated in Namakkal. 50 kms south of Salem is the town of Namakkal well known for its Vishnu temple, the fort and the gigantic Hanuman. The town lies at the foot of the stone, 200 mts. high and ½ mile in circuit. There are 2 rock cut cave temples committed to Narasimhaswamy and Ranganathaswamy. The big Hanuman statue is made out of a single stone.

12 Darasuram

Around 34 Kms from Thanjavur, Darasuram, a residential community 8 Kms from Kumbakonam is known for the Airavathesvara Temple worked by Rajaraja Chola II in the twelfth century CE. This temple is a piece of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Extraordinary Living Chola Temples’. This temple is a storage facility of craftsmanship and engineering. The vimana is 85 feet high. The front mandapam itself is as an immense chariot drawn by ponies.

13 Sri Parthasarathy Temple

The Parthasarathy Swamy Temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams situated in Thiruvallikeni or now known as Triplicane. This temple is a few thousand years old and is one among the best places to visit to know ancient tradition and culture. The availability of ancient and traditional houses on and around this temple offers major attractions among the tourist to view how the lifestyle was a few hundreds of years back.

14 Mylai Kapaleeswarar Temple

Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore is an ancient temples in Tamilnadu with rich heritage. The temple attracts thousands of devotees every day and major attractions in the temple is the big tank which lies outside the temple. The peaceful Kapaleeswarar Temple of Chennai is believed to be one of the oldest and most revered holy places of the city.

15 Kumari Amman Temple

Arranged on the seashore of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, disregarding the ocean, this temple is devoted to the virgin Goddess Devi Kanyakumari. The nose ring of Devi Kanyakumari is set with rubies. They are so splendid and that it could be seen even from the far during the evening. Likewise it is informed that a few boats cruising in the ocean, mixing up the splendor of the rubies as the light from the Lighthouse, got destroyed, hitting against the stones close-by.

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