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Bird Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu

Bird Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu

To think about birds first comes to our mind is Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, apart from that there are many bird sanctuaries located through out our Tamil Nadu.

1. Suchindram Theroor Birds Sanctuary

Suchindram Theroor Bird Sanctuary

Found only 13 kms from Kanyakumari, the winged creature asylum is a sanctuary for both occupant and transitory flying creatures. Egrets, Pelicans, Terns, Storks, Darters, Geese and a lot more types of feathered creatures have made this spot their home. On the off chance that you travel over the water, one can see the pink lotus blossoms and the purple water lily looking out from among the heart molded leaves that fill the water body.

2. Karikili Bird Sanctuary

Karikili Bird Sanctuary

The Karikili Bird Sanctuary is located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. Comprising of two irrigation tanks which are fed by the rain, the sanctuary is spread over an area of 61.21 hectares and is just 10 km from the well-known Vedanthagal Bird Sanctuary. It is a very pleasant and wonderful place to visit and is a place to many migratory birds which arrive here between September and October. This bird sanctuary is a beautiful tourist spot giving the tourists a chance to enjoy in the middle of the chirping birds. Apart from the birds, the sanctuary also has ducks and waders to see.

Sunset is the best time for visiting the sanctuary since birds can be seen returning to their nests in large numbers most of which are migratory. Being one of the oldest sanctuaries in India, one should visit this place because for more than two hundred years the villagers have protected the birds in this sanctuary. One can easily spot birds bringing food for their babies by the end of the day who put their small beaks into the mouth of their parents to find food. A total of 115 species of birds are supported in the sanctuary which also includes Grebes, Grey Pelican, Cormorant, Egrets, Darter, Spoonbill, Night-heron, and White Ibis. This place is like heaven for all the bird-lovers and nature lovers out there or even those who wish to satisfy their bird-related knowledge.

3. Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary (Near Tirunelveli)

Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary

Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary or Koonthankulam is a 1.2933 km2 secured region pronounced a safe-haven in 1994. It borders the minuscule town of Koonthankulam in Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. Found only 38 km from Tirunelveli (a clamoring town on the banks of the Tamirabarani River) ,this is the biggest save for rearing waterbirds in South India. Globally otherwise called Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary, it might before long be shot into the rundown of well known water flying creature safe-havens in our nation. This town is inadequately populated; transitory flying creatures fly here around December and live till June or July. Around 35 types of birds visit this quiet and inviting town for reproducing. These winged creatures traveling to the terraces of neighborhood homes for five ages are secured eagerly by townspeople and viewed as harbingers of karma. Excreta of these flying creatures – ‘guano’ are gathered by locals in summers alongside residue to use as manure in their fields. Each individual from the town ensures them, their homes and youngsters. Child feathered creatures that are harmed or tumble off from homes are dealt with in the salvage community until their full recuperation.

4. Viralimalai Peacock Sanctuary

Viralimalai Peacock Sanctuary

One of the well-known wildlife sanctuary in Tamilnadu, Viralimalai is covered with evergreen trees and countryside forests. It is famous number of species of Peacocks, which is a key reason to attract a more number of tourists through the year, the sanctuary is located in a small town which is around 30 km from Trichy and 40 km from Pudukkottai. One can see a large number of wild peacocks of different species and assorted colours roaming freely around the sanctuary. Here, the Palawan Peacock Pheasant or Tandikan is the most beautiful and loved peacock in the sanctuary. Also, there is a famous Murugan temple situated in the top of a small Viralimalai hill. To arrive at this sanctuary, one necessities to rise 210 steps. Viralimalai Sanctuary is a best place to spend your holidays with your family .

5. Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary is close to Thirupathur and Madurai. The Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 51 kms from Madurai, in Savaganga District. Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary covers an area of 40 hectares and covers the tanks of Vettangudi, Periyakollukudi and Chinna Kollukkudi villages. It is the natural habitat of winter migratory birds. It is a breeding habitat for Grey Herons, Darters, Spoonbills, Wite Ibis, Asian Open Bill Stork and Night Herons. Painted stork, Little Cormorant, Little Egret, Intermediate Egret, Cattle Egret, Common Teal, Spot Bill Ducks and Pintail also attracted birds here. This is a perfect place for roosting, breeding and feeding. There is an impressive variety in their settling and taking care of conduct. The weather in between November to February is very pleasant here so that is the best time to visit and you get to see thousands of migratory birds.

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