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900 Kandi-Wayanad

900 Kandi-Wayanad

In the regional language, “ Thollayiram ” means “ 900 ”, while “ Kandi ” means “ a patch of land ”, pointing to the 900- acre undiscovered timber and hill area that constitutes Thollayiram Kandi in Wayanad. That’s over 900 acres of lush green verdure wrapped in topmost serenity just lying there, awaiting to be explored by adventure campaigners and youngish nature addicts.

The 100- feet long 900 Kandi Skywalk is South India’s first ever glass bridge constructed really high on a hilltop to give guests with exciting 360 degree views of the entire valley below! While the illustrations of blue and green it offers are absolutely stunning, the bridge is no lesser of an attraction in itself with its unique design and towering structure that gives guests a gratifying high when they walk it!

It has been constructed to let tourists gulp in visual views of Wayanad’s lush, misty hills and rolling ranges from a bird’s- eye point of view which was n’t possible in this gorgeous part of the city ahead. And now it has turned into every tripper’s favourite spot in Wayanad! In fact, since its establishment, tourism in the area has spiked!

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