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Yercaud – A perfect hill station to visit and enjoy

Yercaud – A perfect hill station to visit and enjoy

It was almost a year now where we never ventured any trips in my car and as a driving enthusiast I felt of missing something.  So we were planning and immediately we narrowed down to Yercaud.  It is a hill station which is situated near Salem and it is around 360 kilometers from Chennai.  Moreover I heard about couple of routes to reach Yercaud and this added more excitement in me to drive on my own and travel.  The challenge now is to get holidays due to my hectic IT job.  I tried and got my holiday approved for 17th which was a Monday and meanwhile my wife researched and booked MM Resorts for our stay.

August 15, 16 and 17 – 2015 – My next self-drive in car to a hill station

August 15, 2015 – Saturday

We started near Adayar on 15th August at around 6 AM and planned to take the following route:

Adayar – Tambaram – Chengalpattu – Thindivanam – Villupuram – Ulunderpet – Kallakuruchi – Attur – Salem – Yercaud

As usual I started in a leisure manner and I was driving bit slowly due to heavy traffic as it was an Independence Day and too many people were travelling.  It was almost 9 AM; we reached Thindivanam due to heavy traffic.  I saw a lot of cars with L board attached, hence I was driving bit careful.   Almost before 2 kilometers from Villupuram toll, I found a long queue where a huge number of 4 wheelers were waiting.  In due course, we also missed out breakfast and managed through the available biscuits and fruits.  Around 11 AM, we crossed Villupuram toll and I started maneuvering at around 120 kilometers speed in my car in NH45 and at Ullunderpet, I took the right turn into NH66 which leads to Salem.  It was 2 lane road and traffic was comparatively low when compared to the NH45.  At around 12.30 PM, we entered Salem and we decided to avoid the regular route to Yercaud which will takes us through Salem traffic.  Instead we turned towards Ayodhyapattinam road and took another route to climb and reach the hill station.  As my wife is native of Salem, she warned about the route that it will be narrow and due to safety reasons, tourist will avoid driving through the route.    I still went ahead in exploring the route and it was wonderful and scenic and we were alone while climbing the hill.   We travelled through Kottachedu forest and reached MM Resorts at around 2 PM.

Yercaud-1 Yercaud-2

We were tired and hungry and we settled for available food in the resort.  We refreshed ourselves and got ready to explore Yercaud.   I started my car and first we went to Lady’s seat.  We spend some time and went to Rose Garden where my kid enjoyed a lot.  While returning back to resort we covered Gents seat and we ended our day in an eventful manner.

August 16, 2015 – Sunday

After heavy breakfast, we started at around 9.30 AM and headed towards Servaroyan temple and then to Rajeswari temple to start our day in a positive note.  The climate was excellent and it was full of mist.  We had good darshan and crowd was normal.  Then we went to Montford school  and Yercaud lake.  As it was a holiday the boating area near lake was heavily crowded, so we avoided boating and kids were interested in playing around lake area.  At around 1 PM we headed towards MM Resort for lunch.   Post lunch we again started and went to Anna Park and Aquarium.   At around 4 PM, we went to Pogada Point which is the highest peak in Yercaud from where we enjoyed the glimpses of Salem.  We had challenges in getting parking slot for the car and with greater difficulty I found one to park my car.  We then started back to resort to end our day as it was chill and climate was cold.  After reaching resort we found it was empty and everyone vacated as it was Sunday evening and we were the only family staying in the entire resort which was a wonderful experience.  After heavy dinner we headed towards much needed rest.

Yercaud-3 Yercaud-4

August 17, 2015 – Monday

We vacated our resort at around 8.30 AM and went to Orchidarium garden which hosts around 250 rare species of orchids.  The landscape was fascinating and after spending an hour, we went to lake area for boating.  As it was a Monday morning it was free from crowd and we enjoyed our boating.  We came out from lake area and said bye to Yercaud and headed towards Chennai.  Now I took the regular route to climb down and entered Salem traffic to reach Attur.  We crossed NH66 in next couple of hours and entered into NH45 at Ullunderpet and headed towards Chennai.

Yercaud-5 Yercaud_6

Overall it was a wonderful and memorable trip for us to keep ourselves away from busy schedule.  While returning back, I started thinking about Kodaikanal which could be my next hill station destination to test my driving skills.


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