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Megamalai – Small Hillstation in Tamilnadu

Megamalai – Small Hillstation in Tamilnadu


Megamalai is an unseen paradise located in the Theni district. It’s also known as Paccha Kumachi (Green Peak). The topmost point of this place is 1500m above sea level. Megamalai is a Tea Estate despite all of us supposing of it as a traveler place. Still, we can enjoy the nature, rainfall, falls, mountain view and dams available in and around the place.

Situated within the Theni district of area, the Meghamalai hill stations in Tamilnadu is also common by the label,‘ High Crimpy Mountains’. it’s a lesser best- known trip destination that consists of the numerous undiscovered woodlands. the gorgeous surroundings embody cardamom and tea plantations besides the thick forest cowl. it’s an excellent place for life addicts and bird watchers because the Megamalai life Sanctuary settled then offers a spread of fauna and foliage. indispensable attractions embody tea estate walks and dams.

Highwavys View Point is another beautiful place that gives a visual treat to your eyes. You can also find the Tourist guide board around there, which is actually useful for your Theni trip.

Maharaja Mettu Viewpoint is the primary sightseer place to explore when you visit Megamalai. You can see the broad view of Cumbum, Eighteenth Canel Falls and Gudalur from then. It’s the right place for lensmen. On the other hand, Marriage photographers do theirpost-wedding photoshoots then.

You can witness Chameleon, Squirrel, Mammoths, Tiger Indian Gaur (Bison), Monitor lizard, butterflies and reptiles species, etc. You can see elephants freely in the morningtime.However, in the evening time you can spot the tigers crossing the road, If you ’re lucky.

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