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Kappil Beach and Backwater-Varkala

Kappil Beach and Backwater-Varkala

Kappil beach is about 7 kms north of Varkala. It’s a beach – backwater destination. Kappil isn’t just another traveler spot. It’s a must visit place, especially if you’re spending time at Varkala beach.

Kappil Beach

A drive through Kappil is as scenic as it can get; the road is adjoined by the azure blue of the Arabian ocean on one side while the serene waters of Edava Lake is on the other. The long coconut palm groves swaying in the winds, the golden fair strands and the rocks shielding the spurs from the waves make it a perfect beach destination. One of the elegant places for a bird’s view is the bridge across the lake. Not too far, the backwater drains into the ocean. Splendid!

Kappil Beach

The lagoon- coconut- beach strip of Kappil is a stunner. What if I say these are some of the most snapped coconut trees in Kerala? Either true or it’s a shot near to verity any way. You can indeed walk from Varkala beach to Kappil. There’s a beach side walkway from Varkala, to start with. It’s constructed by the government, with tourism in mind. still, you’ll have to find your own path after a while.

Though, Edava beach comes first followed by Kappil beach, If you do through the beach side.The beaches at Vettakada, Edava and Kappil are gorgeous in appearance while being limited in range. So they remain as original beaches where you could sit by the ocean side and relax.

Kappil Varkala Beach

These beaches feature a rocky hedge, a harsh memorial of the important runs of the blown ocean. And these rocks stand up to the rush of waves relatively regularly, covering the beach side road and near accords. By the way, Kappil beach has its fishing community.The true fun of Kappil is the backwoods ride. There aren’t numerous boats. And there aren’t numerous people too.

There’s also the choice to take mini boats for a transportation. Row and pedal boats are available for hire at the boat club.The regional sanctuary, Kappil Bhagavathy temple, is a regionally notorious temple. The sanctuary is attractive, but this is a place of worship and not a sightseeing place. Darshan( worship) inside is limited to Hindus.

Varkala Beach

Of course, the major indigenous attraction is Varkalabeach.However, all left to yourself, try Edathua and Vettekkada, If you’re looking for a beach.Sivagiri mutt and Janardhanaswamy temple, being attractions in Varkala, you may have before planned to get to.Nellatil, Paravur and Nadayara are scenic areas if you want to travel the wider zone.The Golden Island( Ponnumturuthu), Anjengo Fort and Varkala Tunnel are the other usual eliminations in original trip plans.

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