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CHOKHI DHANI – A mini Rajasthan near Chennai with heritage

CHOKHI DHANI – A mini Rajasthan near Chennai with heritage

It was a busy September during 2016, we decided to have a short break from hectic schedule. We were planning for a short trip for day without affecting our professional work. The plan got finalized and it was choki dhani, a place where we can spend our noon to night near Chennai.

Chokhi Dhani, a mini Rajasthan near Chennai with heritage, situated near Chennai Bangalore highway where one can get the glimpses of Rajasthan village.  The entire area is spread over 15 acres and resembles replica of traditional Rajasthan village.  There is no direct public transport available to reach chokhi dhani and one has to either take a private cab or need to travel by their own car/bike.  Chokhi Dhani is open to public between 4 PM to 11 PM.

We started near Adyar at around 2.30 PM and took the following route to reach Chokhi Dhani.

Adyar – Porur – Poonamalle – Chokhi Dhani.

Even though it was a working day afternoon, we had a good amount of traffic till Poonamalle and I was driving my car carefully.  I understand that I need to take a small left at around three to five kilometers after crossing the theme park Queensland to reach Chokhi Dhani.   As per the plan, I took the left turn and travelled further two kilometers to reach Chokhi Dhani.  We reached at around 3.45 PM and it was not opened yet and it was hot outside.  We had ample space to park our car safely and after parking we took a few pictures and entered.

Chokhi Dhani

At entrance, we were received by applying THILAK on our forehead which is a traditional Rajasthani culture.  We then had an opportunity to play the big drums kept outside which is again a traditional Rajasthani culture. We then entered into entry point to buy tickets.  For adults it was 650 rupees and for kids it was 400 rupees and we were provided with a few coupons which we can use to get a few traditional snacks and eatables and also for different rides along with traditional Rajasthani dinner.

The first activity was a small boating in the pond.  It was really small and it took 10 minutes to complete.  Then we had a traditional dance before entering into the main arena.  It was enjoyable.  We then entered and saw people doing traditional pottery and cooking some traditional food.  Post visiting those, we proceeded further and we were provided with traditional welcome drink and also medicated water.  Then we were provided with samosa kind of snack.  Kids enjoyed those and we moved towards a few rides.

Chokhi Dhani

We first went for Camel ride and even though it was a short one, it was quite enjoyable.  We then went for a traditional Chariot ride.  Post couple of those rides, we were provided with ginger tea and another traditional Rajasthani snack.  All the above mentioned were part of the coupon provided to us while buying tickets.  With all these refreshments, our tummy was full and we further went on to view a magic show and it was amazing.  We then watched traditional dance where dancers were dancing over pot and also on a few glass pieces and their performance was astonishing

We then had horse ride and horses were maintained well. After the ride my wife and daughter went for Mehendi session and me and my son went on to view few more traditional events.  We then went for bullock cart ride.  After our ride, kids started playing in a huge snake and ladder game which was fun.  Post the game, we went for Bhool Bhulaiya, where we enter into a complex path or a collection of paths and we need to find a way to come out successfully.  It was full of fun and enjoyable.
Chokhi Dhani

We then went for palmistry to know predictions.  Post that, kids went on to view bioscope and I went for a nice head massage.  It was almost 7 PM now and we had a glimpse of some more traditional dancing before moving on to the puppet show.  Then we got the opportunity to view people walking on rope and it was scintillating.  We even saw some small kinds were performing this rope activity and it was wonderful.

It was nearing 8 PM and we went for the famous Rajasthani dinner.  We were received traditionally and provided with turbans on head.  Now we were all looking like Rajasthani and we were seated in a big dining hall and delicious food dishes were served.  It was unlimited and food was excellent and we had enough to fill our stomach.
Chokhi Dhani
After delicious food, we came out and had rest in typical village cot for some time.  We also had kulfi ice cream along with traditional pan.  The ambience was nice and there were no electrical lights and all the places were made in such a way that only landhars were available.  The entire surroundings were mesmerizing and it really took us to the olden village days without electricity and lights.

At around 9.30 PM, we finally said bye to Chokhi Dhani, came to the parking lot and started our car.  In next 5 minutes, we came to Chennai Bangalore highway and road was filled with lot of lorry traffic.  I was driving slowly and it took almost 45 minutes to reach Poonamalle and another 30 minutes to cross Porur traffic.  We finally reached our home at around 11 PM and overall a nice evening to spend and it is worth to make a trip to Chokhi Dhani.

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